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How to How to 11/7/2018
Products: ​License Administrator, ​License Server
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1

Repairing a Network License

You repair damaged network licenses so they become available to check out by WorkStations, client tools, and Enterprise Servers.

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A license can in several ways become damaged. Use the License Administrator to repair a damaged network license on the License Server where the damaged license is located. Local licenses cannot be repaired. Instead you have to remove the damaged local licenses and reactivate the licenses from new license files.

Licenses can be damaged by the following actions:

  • Copying licenses from one system to another. This is an illegal action.

  • Restoring a License Server backup.

  • Adjusting the system clock to an earlier time.

  • Restoring the system to correct system problems or roll back changes.

  • Changing the Enterprise Server, License Server or WorkStation hardware component.

  • Repairing a network license requires access to the Internet.

  • You are only allowed to repair a license four times a year.

  • All repair actions are registered by the Activation Server and are traceable.

To repair a network license
  1. In License Administrator , click the Licenses view.

  2. Select the network license that you want to repair.

  3. On the Licenses toolbar, click the Repair license button .

  4. In the Licenses dialog box, click Yes .

  5. In License Administrator , click Close .

  6. Click Restart now to restart the License Server and make the repaired licenses ​available for checkout.

The license is now repaired and available to be checked out.

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