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Products: WebStation
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

WebStation Overview

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WebStation is your web-based interface to your EcoStruxure BMS. You use WebStation to perform work on a daily basis in the EcoStruxure BMS.

Basic Functions

WebStation has a many functions that help you work efficiently. You can search for and organize objects, and you can get help using the online help.

For more information, see Basic Functions .

How Alarms Work

You are notified by alarms when some important event occurs. For example, if the temperature is too low or too high in a building, if a window is open, or if something is broken, such as a fan. The system administrator sets up the alarms and decides to whom the alarm is sent.

For more information, see How Alarms Work .

Watch Pane in WebStation 

You can drag objects to the Watch pane to monitor their live values.

For more information, see Watch Pane in WebStation .

How Events Work

All system events, as well as information and circumstances, are recorded in the Event log. These event records can be viewed in the Events pane or in an Event View.

For more information, see How Events Work .

How Trend Logs Work

You use trend logs to record values, such as a sensor. A trend log can also log consumptions, such as energy consumption or water consumption.

For more information, see How Trend Logs Work .

How Schedules Work

Schedules are used to schedule the operation of part of the building management system, such as a fan, a door, or a setpoint. Using a schedule, a fan can be set to operate between 08:00 and 17:00 every workday.

For more information, see How Schedules Work .

How Graphics Work

You use graphics to display building overviews, display values from sensors, or change setpoints. A graphic can also contain links to trend charts, trend log lists, Internet sites, or views in WorkStation and WebStation.

For more information, see How Graphics Work .


You can open documents stored on an EcoStruxure BMS server using the default program associated with the file type. For example, a txt-file opens Notepad and a ppt-file opens PowerPoint.

For more information, see How Documents Work .


Dashboards are a way to get a graphical overview of values and logs in your system.

For more information, see How Dashboards Work .

Backup and Restore using WebStation

You can create backups of the server using WebStation. The backup can be downloaded from the server.

WebStation and WorkStation Differences

There are a number of differences in functionality between WebStation and WorkStation.

For more information, see WebStation and WorkStation Differences .

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  • How Alarms Work
  • How Events Work
  • How Trend Logs Work
  • How Schedules Work
  • How Graphics Work
  • How Documents Work
  • How Dashboards Work
  • WebStation and WorkStation Differences