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How to How to 5/18/2018
Products: WebReports
Functionalities: Reports
Product version: 2.0, 2.1

Setting Up a Report

You set up a report to include items such as tables or charts, and associate them with your datasets.

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To set up a report
  1. In MS Report Builder, in the Design view, click the Insert tab and select an item in which to display your report data.

  2. Select an existing dataset to use with the item you inserted.


    Not all items that you can insert offer the option of choosing a dataset, only those items that have wizards. If you insert other types of items, you can drag dataset properties to them at a later stage. The following dialog boxes apply to a table wizard.

  3. Click Next .

  4. In the Available fields box, select a field and drag it to Row groups , Column groups , or Values . Create grouping and aggregate sections as needed for report summing and counting.

    For up-to-date descriptions of the WebReports database fields that you use when creating your own reports in MS Report Builder, you can run the Database Schema factory supplied report. For more information, see Database Schema Report .

  5. Preview the layout of your report.

  6. Click Back to go back and rearrange your fields, or to add new fields as necessary.

  7. Click Next .

  8. In the Style box, select a style.

  9. Click Finish .

  10. Click the Save button, then click Run .

  11. View the generated report.

You can now add an image to your report, or you can upload the report to the Reports Server.

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