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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: Hardware, Security
Product version: 2023, 2024

Creating Server SSL Certificate Defaults Using Device Administrator

You create an SSL server certificate template to get default values on all certificates that you want to install on the automation servers.

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Certificates are used to increase the security of the communication between Device Administrator and automation server.

Certificates are used to establish a trust chain between Device Administrator and the automation servers. A trusted chain communication with HTTPS consists of two parts:

  • An SSL root certificate installed in Windows on the computer that runs Device Administrator

  • An SSL certificate on the automation server

Both Device Administrator and automation servers supports self-signed certificates as well as CA certificates. Device Administrator allows you to create your own self-signed certificate.

Import and export

Certificates can be imported and exported. For example, you have established a trust chain between computer 1, running Device Administrator, and a list of automation servers. You want to access the same automation servers using computer 2. In this case, you install Device Administrator on computer 2, export the SSL root certificate from computer 1, and import it to computer 2.

For more information, see Exporting an SSL Server Root Certificate Using Device Administrator .

For more information, see Importing a Certificate to an Automation Server Using Device Administrator .

Deleting a certificate

Certificates can be deleted from the EBO server using Device Administrator.

For more information, see Deleting an SSL Certificate on an Automation Server Using Device Administrator .


The certificates are included in the automation server’s backup. You do not need to generate a new certificate if you restore an automation server from a backup generated after the certificate was transferred to the automation server if you retain the original root certificate.

Device Administrator certificate workflow

Use this workflow to create a trusted chain between Device Administrator and automation server using a self-signed certificate.

For more information, see Device Administrator Certificate Workflow .

Use this workflow to create a trusted chain between Device Administrator and automation server using a CA certificate.

For more information, see Device Administrator CA Certificate Workflow .

Certificates and licensing

Certificates generated and installed using Device Administrator must be used when activating licenses.

Certificates generated using Workstation cannot be used for licensing in automation servers since these certificates do not provide a root certificate or other trust chain for validation. If you use WorkStation certificates, we recommend that you generate new ones for your automation servers from Device Administrator when you use licensing in automation servers.

For more information, see Automation Server Licensing Overview .

To create server SSL certificate defaults using Device Administrator
  1. In Device Administrator, click Servers and then click Server SSL Certificate Defaults

  2. Enter the default values.

  3. Click OK .

When you open an automation server in the list and generate a certificate, all the values from the template are entered as default values for the SSL certificate for the automation server. The default values in the SSL server certificate for the automation server can be changed to customize the certificate for each automation server.

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