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Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: Hardware, License Management
Product version: 2023

Assign and Activate Licenses

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When you have added the Entitlement to Device Administrator, you must assign and then activate the licenses on the automation servers.

Assign Licenses

Assigning licenses is the process of distributing the licenses from the Entitlement to the automation servers in the list.

Device Administrator prevent you from assigning licenses that are not applicable for the selected server.

Activate Licenses

When you have assigned the licenses to the automation servers, you must activate the licenses. Activation is required for enabling features that require licenses. Activation is done on the automation server level. You can activate licenses for all automation servers in the list at the same time. Or you can choose to select a subset of servers and activate licenses for just those servers.

You cannot by accident activate duplicate licenses. Device Administrator does not allow you to activate the same license that is already activated on an automation server.

Online activation

Online activation is implemented immediately. Online activation requires that the automation servers or the computer that runs Device Administrator is connected to the Internet.

For more information, see Activating Licenses Online .

Offline activation

Offline activation is used when the automation server does not have any access to the internet. Offline activation is a multi-step process.

After the licenses are assigned, you create a set of request files using Device Administrator. The request files are then uploaded to the FlexNet Operations Administrator server. The FlexNet Operations administrator server processes the request files and creates a set of response files. The response files are downloaded and copied to the computer that runs Device Administrator. The response files are sent from Device Administrator to the automation server.

For more information, see Automation Server Licensing on Automation Servers not Connected to Internet Workflow .

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