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How to

How to

Products: Commission, RP-C
Functionalities: Engineering, Modbus
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

Viewing Device Level Information for Modbus Devices on the Commission Mobile Application

When Modbus is configured on a BACnet/IP controller, you can log into the Commission mobile application to view Modbus device level information.


Device level support is not available in the Commission mobile application unless you first configure the BACnet/IP controller to include Modbus. You can do so either directly from WorkStation or from an application image which has been downloaded to the controller.

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In the MP and RP controller, you create a Modbus device in order to connect one or more Modbus RTU slave devices to the Connected Room Solution. RTU or Remote Terminal Unit is the method of message transmission over a Modbus serial network.

RTU is a binary format that requires the least number of characters for data transmission and is the fastest available transmission mode. Be sure to configure all devices on the same network to use the same transmission mode.

The device you create is a representation of any physical Modbus device in a serial network. All devices use the same device icon and are created in the same way, regardless of network type.

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You download an Image file to a BACnet/IP controller to download pre-engineered objects to a controller.

To download an Image to a BACnet/IP controller
  1. In the Commission mobile application, in the Device List view, select the BACnet/IP controller you want to download the Image to.

  2. Click Next .

  3. Open the navigation menu and click Download .

  4. On the Download page, select Download Image .

  5. On the Select Image page, go to Step 6 or 7 depending on whether or not you already have an image file on your device.

  6. Click Connect to optionally connect to the Schneider Exchange site to locate an image file to download to your device.

  7. Click Search to open the operating system file explorer to select an image if you already have an image file downloaded to your device.

  8. Once the file is selected, click Next .

  9. Click Download .

  10. When the File Status dialog box indicates that the download has completed successfully, select OK .


    If this Image contains any properties that change the IP settings, you must perform an Activate IP Changes restart. For more information, see Device Restart .

To view device level information for Modbus devices on the Commission mobile application
  1. In the Commission mobile application, click I/O Checkout .

  2. On the I/O Resources page, notice the following:

    • If the Modbus network is online, you see the COM port configured (through EcoStruxure BMS configuration).

    • If the network is offline or unconfigured, you see the network name in red text with an offline icon.

  3. Click Modbu s .

  4. On the  Modbus  page, click Properties to view the Modbus Properties page or Devices to view the Modbus Devices page.


    You can only see whether devices are online or offline from the Commission mobile application.

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