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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2023

Reclaiming Licenses for Licenses on Automation Servers

You reclaim licenses when you think that your licenses have been updated with new information, for example when you extend a subscription.

To reclaim licenses
  1. In Device Administrator, click Servers .

  2. Select Show licenses .

  3. Select the automation servers with the licenses you want to reclaim.

  4. Click Other .

  5. Click Online Reclaim Licenses .

  • Automation Server Licensing Overview
  • Automation Server Licensing on Automation Servers Connected to Internet Workflow
  • Automation Server Licensing on Automation Servers not Connected to Internet Workflow
  • Activate Licenses Dialog Box
  • Assigning Licenses
  • Detailed Progress Dialog Box