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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: Hardware, License Management
Product version: 2023

Returning Licenses on Automation Servers

You return licenses so that they can be used elsewhere.

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You can return licenses from automation servers.

This is done, for example, if you for some reasons have assign and activated licenses on an automation server that does not need licenses. When the licenses have been returned they can be used on another automation server.

Returning licenses on automation servers requires that the automation servers or the computer that runs Device Administrator is connected to the Internet.

When you return licenses, all licenses on the selected server are returned.

To return Licenses on automation servers
  1. In Device Administrator, click Servers .

  2. Select Show licenses .

  3. Select the automation servers where you want to return the licenses.

  4. Click Other .

  5. Click Return licenses .

  6. In the Return All Licenses dialog box, click Yes .

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