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Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Virtual Project Servers
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 3.3, 2022

Backup Set Import from WorkStation

You import a backup set from WorkStation to replace a lost or incomplete backup set, or to add a backup set to a new EcoStruxure BMS server. The EcoStruxure Building Operation software stores a local backup set for an Enterprise Server or automation servers under the Local folder in the Backup Sets folder. However, the system handles the storage of backup sets based on the type of EcoStruxure BMS server. For example, an automation server stores only one backup set at a time. Therefore, the system overwrites the previous backup file with the latest file. If there is no file present, the EcoStruxure Building Operation software adds the backup set to the Local folder.

In a multi-server system with an Enterprise server and automation servers, the Enterprise Server retrieves and stores the latest backup set for each automation server in a separate directory in the Backup Sets folder. In addition, the system can store several backup sets for each automation server as well as multiple backup sets for the Enterprise Server.

In a multi-server system with an Enterprise Central, the Enterprise Central does not retrieve and store the backup set for each Enterprise Server on the computer that runs the Enterprise Central. When you restore an Enterprise Server from an Enterprise Central, you use the backup sets that are stored on the computers running the Enterprise Servers.


When you back up the Enterprise Servers from an Enterprise Central, the automation servers that are attached to the Enterprise Servers are not backed up. To make a backup of automation servers you start by backing up the automation servers using the Enterprise Servers. When that is done, you back up all the Enterprise Servers using the Enterprise Central.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Import backup set from WorkStation to an automation servers or Enterprise Server

Import backup set from WorkStation to an automation servers or Enterprise Server

Importing is a three-step process: logging onto the EcoStruxure BMS server, importing the file, and then restoring the EcoStruxure BMS server. First, you log onto an EcoStruxure BMS server in WorkStation. You then import the selected backup set from a network storage area. Finally, you restore the EcoStruxure BMS server.

You can only restore an EcoStruxure BMS server using a backup set that was created with the same software version on the same EcoStruxure BMS server (including service pack). To help identify the usable backup sets, the system displays the compatible files in black text and the incompatible files in red text. If you select an incompatible backup set to restore an EcoStruxure BMS server, no backup set displays after importing.

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