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Concept Concept 4/5/2022
Products: ​License Administrator, ​License Server
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2022

Licensing Overview

The EcoStruxure Building Operation software is available for all to download and install. However, you need valid licenses to use the software. The number of users of the software is limited to the number of licenses owned by the customer.

EcoStruxure Building Operation Licensing

Licenses are needed for EcoStruxure Building Operation products and features that run on Windows.

For more information, see EcoStruxure Building Operation Software Licensing Overview .

Automation Server Licenses

Device Administrator is used to manage licenses on automation servers.

For more information, see Automation Server Licensing Overview .

Demo Licenses

Demo licenses are used for demonstration purposes, training, or when building a site.

For more information, see Demo Licensesing Overview .

License Enforcement

License enforcement is the process of checking whether a software application has a valid license available to it at runtime. If you do not have enough licenses, a license violation occurs. This is accomplished by a license violation bar in WorkStation and WebStation.

If a client, such as WorkStation or one of the editors, attempts to start and cannot locate an available license, the client does not start.

For more information, see License Enforcement .

License Information

The License Information in the Control Panel gives you an overview of the licenses in your EcoStruxure BMS.

For more information, see License Information .

Reclaim Licenses

You can reclaim licenses on your automation servers so that the licenses are updated with the latest information.

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