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You use Settings to view the version of the product or edit the poll rate, number of decimals, trim long names, and set the time to automatically log off the SmartStruxure server when you are not accessing it. You can also select Alarms, System, or Custom View as the default tab. You can hide or see the system properties in System tree and Custom View tree.
Acknowledging an Alarm
You acknowledge an alarm to let other users know that you have seen the alarm. When you log on to Technician Tool, the Alarms list is displayed. You can select and acknowledge multiple alarms.
Use Search to filter out the objects and variables in Custom View and System so that you do not have to browse through the long list of variables to locate the ones that concern you. Searches are folder based. You can search for the objects and variables within a particular folder.
System displays the entire tree structure of Building Operation as it appears in WorkStation.
Technician Tool and WebStation Differences
There are a number of differences in functionality between Technician Tool and WebStation.
Saving a Search
You save a search so that you can use it again.
Technician Tool Overview
Technician Tool is used to access the functions in Building Operation. You use Technician Tool to view and monitor all work on a daily basis in Building Operation. You can change the value for an event to control the output state of a device. You can also force a value when you want to override a value, such as a value from a device.
Saving Log On Details on Technician Tool
For a faster log on, use the Remember me feature to automatically fill in your logon information.
Turning off Remember Me
You turn off Remember me to clear the information you have stored in the Log on window of Technician Tool. For example, you want to be able to use different accounts when logging on, or log on to different SmartStruxure servers in the domain.
User Account Profile Workflow
User accounts are used to control user activities in Technician Tool.

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