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Products: Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Engineering
Product version: 3.2, 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Project Configuration Tool – Version 2

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action_zoom_plus_stroke Project Configuration Tool

Project Configuration Tool


Project Configuration Tool is a powerful software tool that enables you to virtually engineer an EcoStruxure BMS. With this tool, you can minimize the time spent on site by designing, programming, and configuring the EcoStruxure BMS off-site. Project Configuration Tool enables you to run the Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, and automation servers virtually, and simulate all functions, before you deploy the servers to the target EcoStruxure BMS.


The Project Configuration Tool sever provides an environment within which all virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers of the project can run while being engineered. Project Configuration Tool provides a web browser based user interface for project management. WorkStation provides a full-featured user interface for configuration of EcoStruxure BMS servers.

Efficient project management

Using your web browser to access the Project Configuration Tool server, you can easily create projects, create, start, and stop virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers, and deploy the virtual servers to on-site servers. You can also add project properties to keep track of information such as project manager and description.

Virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers

By means of the virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers, you can simulate all aspects of the Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, and automation servers, except for communication with field devices. Project Configuration Tool leverages hardware virtualization technology through the Microsoft Hyper-V software. You can add several virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers to a project at the same time, and you can start and stop the servers to suit your current needs.

Engineering efficiency through templates

Creating virtual automation servers from templates can greatly simplify your engineering efforts and help improve the consistency of the configurations. With Project Configuration Tool, you can select a backup set for an automation server, save it as a new template, and then create multiple virtual automation servers from that single template. The templates are stored in a library for convenient reuse.

WorkStation for EcoStruxure BMS server configuration
action_zoom_plus_stroke WorkStation launched from Project Configuration Tool

WorkStation launched from Project Configuration Tool

Working with virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers in WorkStation is the same as working with online EcoStruxure BMS servers in WorkStation. The same powerful engineering features and tools are available when you start WorkStation through Project Configuration Tool. Two different color schemes differentiate the products so it is easy to know which tool you are using. With WorkStation, you can create devices, bindings, graphics, alarms, and other objects required for the project. For more information, see the WorkStation Specification Sheet.

Easy project deployment

Using the backup and restore functionality, you deploy the project's virtual EcoStruxure BMS servers to the on-site Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, and automation servers, to download the configurations that you have created off site. After the deployment, you can log on with WorkStation to an on-site EcoStruxure BMS server to make configuration changes.

Two installation options

Project Configuration Tool can be installed with both internal and external virtual network switches. For local access only, the external switch should be disabled or not configured during installation. This flexibility ensures that the installation can easily be adapted to the project requirements. In addition, you have the flexibility to install only the server packages you require. As new versions of EcoStruxure Building Operation are released, you can easily add them to your existing Project Configuration Tool server.

Project Configuration Tool should only be deployed in private isolated networks and never be exposed directly to the Internet.

EcoStruxure Building Operation software compatibility

Project Configuration Tool supports EcoStruxure Building Operation software version 3.2 and later.


Hardware requirements – Server
Processor power, memory, and storage capacity should be scaled upwards to accommodate targeted system size as impacted by the total quantity of EcoStruxure BMS projects. Project Configuration Tool is tested on a server with an 8-core 3.6 GHz processor, 32 GB of memory, and storage capacity of 1 TB.
Installing Project Configuration Tool and the virtual machine require approximately 50 GB of storage space on the installation drive and 5 GB on the Windows Temp folder, which is typically located on the C drive (C:).
Intel Core i7-7820X @ 3.60 GHz or higher (at least 4 CPU cores)
2 GB per running EcoStruxure BMS server
Minimum: 16 GB
The Virtual Machine is configured by default with 8 GB.
Storage capacity
Minimum: 50 GB and 5 GB in Windows Temp folder
Recommended: 1 TB or higher
Required BIOS configuration
Intel VT-x or AMD-V virtualization support enabled
Memory and processor capacity
The memory capacity is a function of the number of running servers, devices, and objects in the projects. The memory consumption is approximately 2 GB plus 170 MB x number of running servers. The Virtual Machine is configured by default with 8 GB, which can be changed in Hyper-V. With 4 CPU cores, it is possible to run up to 100 servers. To run 100 to 200 servers, the requirement is 8 CPU cores, and so on. The following guidelines are offered to assist in determining the appropriate size:
One empty EcoStruxure BMS server
50 MB
One typical EcoStruxure BMS server
170 MB
One empty b3920
0.07 MB
One empty MNB 1000
0.01 MB
One Xenta 122 FC
1.5 MB
One empty Programmable Xenta
0.04 MB
One MNLRF1_FanCoil
0.36 MB
Software requirements
Operating systems
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Windows Server 2022
The following Microsoft Windows 10 editions are supported: Pro and Enterprise.
The following Microsoft Windows 11 editions are supported: Pro and Enterprise.
The following Microsoft Windows Server 2019 editions are supported: Datacenter, Standard, and Essentials.
The following Microsoft Windows Server 2022 editions are supported: Datacenter, Standard, and Essentials.
Hyper-V must be enabled
Required additional software
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 and later
WorkStation version and later a
EcoStruxure Building Operation server packages
version 3.2 and later
version 3.2.4, 4.0.5, 5.0.3, and later
Communication between Project Configuration Tool server and web browser or WorkStation
Non-binary, port not configurable, default 443
Part numbers
No part number or license for Project Configuration Tool. However, WorkStation used for EcoStruxure BMS server configuration requires a WorkStation license. For more information, see the WorkStation Specification Sheet.