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Products: Operator Display
Functionalities: Engineering, BACnet/IP devices, Security
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024


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As an administrator you need to configure Operator Display and make it part of the IP network and the BACnet/IP network so you can discover and add the devices.

Hardening Specifics

Operator Display communicates via BACnet/IP over ethernet. The following network rules must be followed when networking the device.

For more information, see Hardening Specifics .

BACnet Objects

BACnet objects and devices have a variety of required and optional properties that are used for the purposes of identification, reliability indication, and configuration of the object or device, and for prioritization of write requests.

For more information, see BACnet Objects .

Configuration Menus

Configuration Menus are a group of pre-engineered objects and values that make device commissioning faster and easier. Configuration Menus are exported and downloaded from image files. Download a Configuration Menu to a BACnet/IP controller to commission the controller.

For more information, see Configuration Menus .

  • Operator Display Overview
  • Hardening Specifics
  • BACnet Objects
  • Configuration Menus