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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Semantic
Product version: 2023

Adding a Tenant Repository on the EcoStruxure Building Operation Server

You create a tenant repository to limit the semantic information to a specified group of users.

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You can create a semantic repository for each tenant. You do this in a system with multi tenants where you do not want the tenants to share their semantic information.

All semantic information is created in one main repository but the semantic data for each tenant is transferred to a specific tenant database. Using group permission, you can control the users that can access the information in the tenant database.

Each tenant repository contains a filter of the locations and equipment. The repository also contains user credentials for the database.

To Add a tenant repository on the EcoStruxure Building Operation server
  1. In WorkStation, in the System Tree pane, in the System folder, expand Semantics .

  2. Click Tenant repositories .

  3. Click the Add button


  4. Enter a name for the tenant repository.

  5. Click Create .

  6. Click the Edit button


  7. In the Locations field, select the semantic filter.

  8. In the Semantic DB user box, enter the name of the user in the Semantic database.

  9. Enter a password for the user.

  10. Confirm the password.

  11. Click OK .

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