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How to

How to

Products: WebStation
Functionalities: Localization
Product version: 2022, 2023

Changing the User Regional Settings

You change the user regional settings in WebStation so that it fits your region.

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You can adapt WebStation to your own region regarding units and language.


You can display WebStation in another language. The language pack for that language must be installed on the EcoStruxure BMS server that you use.

The change of language affects all users of WebStation that connect to the same EcoStruxure BMS server.

For more information, see Adding a Language in WebStation .  

Measurement Settings

You can select between three different measurement settings in WebStation:

  • As configured in object: The unit that is configured in the EcoStruxure BMS server is used for the object.

  • Auto: United States Customer Units is used if WebStation’s locale (date, time and number format) or the web browser language is configured to English US/en-US. All other configurations of WebStation or the web browser displays metric.

  • International System of Units (metric): WebStation displays all units in the International System of Units, such as Celcius and meter.

  • United States Customary Units: WebStation displays all units in United States Customary Units, such as Farenheit and feet.


The only exception is that values in the Alarm View and Event View are displayed as configured in the EcoStruxure BMS server.

When you change the measurement settings in WebStation, you affect the display of units in WebStation only. The measurement settings configured in the EcoStruxure BMS server are not affected. For example, your automation server is located in the USA and uses the United States Customary Units and you change the measurement settings in WebStation to International System of Units. Other users that connect to the same automation server, with WebStation or WorkStation, see the United States Customary Units.

All float values are truncated when converted. Typical float values in EcoStruxure BMS are analog values, such as temperature. Integer values are rounded when converted. Typical integer values in EcoStruxure BMS are multistate values. 

The measurement setting follows the standard for how units are converted. Units can also be converted in the server using the unit converter. This conversion affects the conversion in WebStation. For example, if the unit conversion in the EcoStruxure BMS server is set to convert Celsius to Kelvin, Kelvin is displayed in WebStation even when you use the measurement setting for United States Customary Units.

For more information, see Changing the Default System Regional Settings .

Date, Time, and Number Format

You can change date, time, and number format so that it suits your needs. The date, time and number format are not dependent on the language setting. For example, it is possible to use English as language but Arabic as date, time, and number format.


You can select how many decimals you want to display.

Relative Time

You can present dates in a relative way (today, yesterday) or as calendar dates (dates presented as a specific date in number format):

  • Auto: Use the default WebStation configuration (Enable).

  • Enable: Enable relative time.

  • Disable: Disable relative time.

To change the user regional settings
  1. In WebStation, on the Settings menu, click Options .

  2. Click User settings .

  3. Click Regional Settings .

  4. In the Language list, select the language.

  5. In the Date, time and number format list, select the date, time and number format.

  6. In the System of measurement list, select the system of measurement.

  7. In the Decimal list, select the number of decimals.

  8. In the Relative Time list, select if you want to use relative time.

  9. Click OK .

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