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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Virtual Project Servers
Functionalities: User Management
Product version: 3.2, 3.3, 2022

Editing the Description of a Workspace

You edit the description of a workspace to specify what the workspace is used for.

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The workspace defines the content and layout of WorkStation. The content and layout of the workspace can be adapted different tasks for user accounts or user account groups.

You can create different workspaces for different user categories and link them to user account groups. A user has access to all workspaces linked to the user account groups in which the user is a member. This way, users can easily switch workspaces during a work session. For example, Paul, a member of the Administrators and Janitors user account groups, has access to the Administrator workspace and Janitor workspace.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Users gain access to the workspaces linked to their user account groups

Users gain access to the workspaces linked to their user account groups

If a user account or user account group is assigned to more than one workspace, WorkStation asks you to select a default workspace at the first log on. The next time you log on to the EcoStruxure BMS on the same computer, your default workspace is automatically displayed. Once logged in, you can change your default workspace settings. ​

Predefined Workspaces

​Some workspace layouts are included in the EcoStruxure Building Operation software and cannot be deleted or edited. Those workspaces are located in the local domain of the EcoStruxure BMS server.

For more information, see Predefined Workspaces .

Workspace Components and Customization

​A workspace consists of panes, windows, and a work area that can be customized to suit a user's specific needs. Dialog boxes are presented on top of the workspace.

For more information, see Workspace Components and Customization .

WebStation in Kiosk Mode

You can configure to run WebStation in Internet Explorer in kiosk mode if you want to limit the users’ access to toolbar and shortcuts in Internet Explorer.

For more information, see WebStation in Kiosk Mode .

To edit the description of a workspace
  1. In WorkStation, in the System Tree pane, select the EcoStruxure BMS server you want to configure.

  2. Click the Control Panel tab.

  3. Click Account management .

  4. In the Domain Control Panel, in the Domain box, select the domain the workspace belongs to.

  5. In the Workspaces list, select the workspace.

  6. Click Summary .

  7. In the Summary tab, in the Description box, type a new description for the workspace.

  8. Click the Save button


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