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Products: UI-16
Functionalities: Central IO , Engineering, Hardware, Smoke Control
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024


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action_zoom_plus_stroke Central IO module UI-16

Central IO module UI-16


SpaceLogic* UI-16 Central IO module is a universal input, 16-channel I/O module.

The universal inputs are ideal for any mix of temperature, pressure, flow, status points, and similar point types in a building control system.

The universal inputs can be configured to read several different types of inputs:

  • Digital

  • Counter

  • Supervised

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Temperature

  • Resistive

As counter inputs they are commonly used in energy metering applications. As supervised inputs they are used for security applications where it is critical to know whether or not a wire has been cut or shorted. These events provide a separate indication of alarms and trouble conditions to the system.

* Formerly known as SmartX.


Modular and scalable system

The modules are part of a modular system that delivers power and communications on a common bus. Connecting modules is a one-step process: just slide the modules together using the built-in connectors.

Patented two-piece design

Each module can be separated from its terminal base to allow the site to be wired prior to the installation of the electronics. The patented locking mechanism serves as handles for removing the module from its base. All critical components have a protective cover that permits convection cooling to occur.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Two-piece design

Two-piece design

Hot-connect and Hot-swap

Because critical applications require 24-hour operation, Schneider Electric designed the Central IO modules for hot-connection of terminal bases and hot-swapping of the modules to their bases. This design ensures continuous power and communication during service operations.


The auto-addressing feature helps eliminating the need for setting DIP switches or pressing commission buttons. Each module automatically knows its order in the chain and assigns itself accordingly – significantly reducing engineering and maintenance time.

Simple DIN-rail installation

Fasteners easily snap into a locked position for panel installation. The fastener has a quick-release feature for easy DIN-rail removal.

Efficient terminal management

The Central IO module terminals are clearly labeled and protected by transparent covers. The input and output terminals are at the top and bottom of each module and are accessible for maintenance without removing the module. The EcoStruxure Building Operation WorkStation software can generate custom as-built labels for each module. Pre-perforated letter and A4 size label sheets are available as an accessory.

Accommodates multiple row panel installations

The SpaceLogic devices use built-in connectors for single row connectivity, side by side. If a panel size requires multiple rows, extension cords are available.

LED status indicators

The Central IO module has a status indicator that denotes the health and status of the module.

Each input channel has a dedicated two color status LED. The LED can be configured to display either red or green for each input state.


Protection components on the inputs protect against high-voltage short-duration transient events.

The current inputs are protected against over current.


Input channels
DC input supply power
1.8 W
DC input supply voltage
24 VDC
Ambient temperature, operating
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Ambient temperature, storage
-20 to +70 °C (-4 to +158 °F)
Maximum humidity
95 % RH non-condensing
Plastic flame rating
Ingress protection rating
IP 20
Dimensions including terminal base
90 W x 114 H x 64 D mm (3.6 W x 4.5 H x 2.5 D in.)
Weight including terminal base
0.269 kg (0.59 lb)
Weight excluding terminal base
0.146 kg (0.32 lb)
Terminal base
Agency compliances
RCM; BS/EN 61000-6-3; FCC Part 15, Sub-part B, Class B
BS/EN 61000-6-2
Safety standards
BS/EN 61010-1; UL 916 C-UL US Listed
BS/EN 61326-1
Smoke control product safety
UL 864
Part numbers
UI-16, Central IO module
16 universal inputs
TB-IO-W1, terminal base for Central IO module
(Required for each Central IO module)
Accessory part numbers
DIN-RAIL-CLIP, DIN-rail end clip
package of 25 pieces
PRINTOUT-A4-W1, printout sheets for terminal labels
A4 sheet size, 100 sheets, 18 labels per sheet
PRINTOUT-LTR-W1, printout sheets for terminal labels
Letter sheet size, 100 sheets, 16 labels per sheet
S-CABLE-L, S-cable extension cord for the I/O bus, L shaped connectors
1.5 m
S-CABLE-L, S-cable extension cord for the I/O bus, L shaped connectors
0.75 m
Universal inputs
Absolute maximum ratings
-0.5 to +24 VDC
A/D converter resolution
12 bits
Dry contact switch closure or open collector/open drain, 24 VDC, 2.4 mA
Minimum pulse width
120 ms
LED polarity
Software selectable, if the LED is activated when the input is high or low
LED color
Red or green, software selectable
Dry contact switch closure or open collector/open drain, 24 VDC, 2.4 mA
Minimum pulse width
20 ms
Maximum frequency
25 Hz
LED polarity
Software selectable, if the LED is activated when the input is high or low
LED color
Red or green, software selectable
5 V circuit, 1 or 2 resistors
Monitored switch combinations
Series only, parallel only, and series and parallel
Resistor range
1 to 10 kohm
For a 2-resistor configuration, each resistor must have the same value +/- 5 %
0 to 10 VDC
+/-(7 mV + 0.2 % of reading)
2.7 mV
100 kohm
Reliability check
0 to 20 mA
+/-(0.03 mA + 0.4 % of reading)
5.6 μA
47 ohm
Reliability check
10 ohm to 10 kohm accuracy
+/-(7 + 4 x 10 -3 x R) ohm
R = Resistance in ohm
10 kohm to 60 kohm accuracy
+/-(4 x 10 -3 x R + 7 x 10 -8 x R 2 ) ohm
R = Resistance in ohm
Reliability check
-50 to +150 °C (-58 to +302 °F)
Reliability check
Supported thermistors
20 kohm
Type I (Continuum)
10 kohm
Type II (I/NET)
10 kohm
Type III (Satchwell)
10 kohm
Type IV (FD)
10 kohm
Type V (FD w/ 11k shunt)
Linearized 10 kohm
Satchwell D?T
Linearized 10 kohm
Johnson Controls
2.2 kohm
1.8 kohm
1 kohm
Measurement accuracy
20 kohm, 10 kohm, 2.2 kohm, and 1.8 kohm
-50 to -30 °C: +/-1.5 °C (-58 to -22 °F: +/-2.7 °F)
-30 to 0 °C: +/-0.5 °C (-22 to +32 °F: +/-0.9 °F)
0 to 50 °C: +/-0.2 °C (32 to 122 °F: +/-0.4 °F)
50 to 100 °C: +/-0.5 °C (122 to 212 °F: +/-0.9 °F)
100 to 150 °C: +/-1.5 °C (212 to 302 °F: +/-2.7 °F)
Linearized 10 kohm
-50 to -30 °C: +/-3.0 °C (-58 to -22 °F: +/-5.4 °F)
-30 to 0 °C: +/-1.0 °C (-22 to +32 °F: +/-1.8 °F)
0 to 50 °C: +/-0.3 °C (32 to 122 °F: +/-0.5 °F)
50 to 100 °C: +/-0.5 °C (122 to 212 °F: +/-0.9 °F)
100 to 150 °C: +/-2.0 °C (212 to 302 °F: +/-3.6 °F)
1 kohm
-50 to +150 °C: +/-1.5 °C (-58 to +302° F: +/-2.7 °F)

For protection from excess current that could be produced by field wiring, follow these instructions:

  • Connect one RET terminal on each of the Central IO modules to a common chassis/power ground rail in the control panel using a size 16 AWG (1.3 mm 2 ), or larger wire.

  • Individual 24 VDC power sources to the field must be current limited to maximum of 4 A for UL compliant installations, and no more than 6 A in other areas.

  • For more information on wiring, see the SpaceLogic Hardware Reference Guide.

  • DI-16
  • RTD-DI-16
  • AO-8 and AO-8-H
  • AO-V-8 and AO-V-8-H
  • DO-FA-12 and DO-FA-12-H
  • SpaceLogic DO-FC-8 and DO-FC-8-H
  • UI-8/AO-4 and UI-8/AO-4-H
  • UI-8/AO-V-4 and UI-8/AO-V-4-H
  • SpaceLogic UI-8/DO-FC-4 and UI-8/DO-FC-4-H