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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P
Functionalities: Semantic
Product version: 2022

Restoring a Semantic Database

You restore a semantic database using the sematic database backup file.

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A backup of the semantic database is done automatically every time you do a backup of the Enterprise server.

The Semantic backup files are not part of the Enterprise server backup files (.xbk). The Semantic backup files are files on their own, but they are located in the same folder as the Enterprise server backup files.

If you make a Windows backup of you EBO system, do not forget to back up your Semantic backup files.

Location of Semantic backup files

The semantic backup files are located in C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric EcoStruxure\Building Operation X.X\Enterprise Server\db_backup\LocalBackup

Semantic backup file naming

The semantic database backup files are named <server><date>.trig.

Restore Semantic backup files

You can restore a semantic database using the semantic backup file.

When you restore an Enterprise server you automatically restore the semantic database using the latest semantic database backup file.

For more information, see Restoring a Semantic Database .

To restore a semantic database
  1. In WorkStation, in the System Tree pane, expand Semantic then expand Backups .

  2. Right-click the semantic backup file you want to restore and click Restore .

  • Semantic Backup and Restore