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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Device Administrator, ​License Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: Hardware, SmartDrivers
Product version: 2022

Adding an Entitlement to Device Administrator when Automation Servers are Not Connected to Internet

You add an Entitlement to get a list of the licenses that you can assign.

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Use this workflow to assign and activate licenses on automation servers that do not have any access to Internet.

Related information can be found in the sections after the flowchart.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Assign and activate licenses on automations servers without Internet access workflow

Assign and activate licenses on automations servers without Internet access workflow

Install certificates on the automation servers

Install certificates if you use HTTPS for communication.

For more information, see Device Administrator Certificate Workflow .


Make sure that you have the Entitlements containing the licenses. You need the email with the entitlement during the process.

For more information, see Order Information Request .

Add an entitlement in Device Administrator

In Device Administrator, you add entitlements that contains products and licenses.

This is done so that you can view all licenses that are available to be assigned and then activated.

Make sure that you have the HTML entitlement certificate file or the entitlement ID available .

There are two different procedures to add and set up an entitlement:

Assign licenses to automation servers

Use the License Products available in the entitlements to assign License Features to the automation servers.

For more information, see Assigning Licenses .

Create the request files

In Device Administrator, create the request files.

For more information, see Creating the Request Files .

Activate request files on License Activation Server (FNO) to receive response files

Using Device Administrator, activate request files on License Activation Server (FNO) to receive response files. To be able to complete this procedure, you must be on a computer that is connected to License Activation Server (FNO) via the Internet and have Device Administrator installed.

For more information, see Activating Request Files to Receive Response Files .

Send response files to the automation servers

Using Device Administrator, send the response files to the automation server to complete the license activation.

For more information, see Sending the Response Files to the Automation Server .

Backup the automation server

After the licenses has been installed, make a backup of the automation server to make sure that you do not lose the licenses if any problems occur.

For more information, see Backup .

To add an entitlement to Device Administrator when automation servers are not connected to Internet
  1. In Device Administrator, click Entitlements .

  2. In the Entitlements view, click Entitlements or Product Licenses .

  3. Click Add Entitlement .

  4. In the Add Entitlements ID field, enter the Entitlement ID found in the email.

  5. Select Add Entitlement Offline .

  6. Click OK .

  7. Click the Entitlement .

  8. Click


    The button is in the rightmost lower corner in the workarea. You might have to scroll to reach it.

  9. In the Add Product dialog box, enter the following:

    • Product Name = Description.

      Do not enter the text "Count = x" if this text is displayed.

    • Activation ID = Activation ID

    • Quantity = Seat count, the number of purchased licenses.

    Be sure to enter exactly the same information as in the Entitlement email.

    The quantity must be filled out using the table that lists all license features and quantity that each license product include.

    For more information, see Features and Licensed Products Table .

    If a feature is not listed for a product, enter 0 to indicate that the feature does not exist in the product.

  10. Click OK .

Repeat the procedure for all products in the entitlement.

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