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Products: MP-V, RP-V
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

Damper Actuator

The MP-V and RP-V controllers have an integrated damper actuator, which allows for simplified installation of the VAV controller directly over the damper shaft.

The integrated damper actuator eliminates the need for separate installation, wiring, and positioning of the damper motor.

The MP-V and RP-V controllers use the same actuator mechanics as many Schneider Electric VAV controller models from Andover Continuum, TAC Vista, and TAC I/A Series product lines.

The actuator provides a Hall effect feedback signal that indicates actual movement, enabling an accurate indication of actual damper position. This provides a basis for precise position control that accepts a command from 0 to 100%.

The actuator also features a push button for manual positioning of the damper during commissioning and two stop screws for adjustment of the travel range.

There are a few differences between the actuators of the MP-V and RP-V controllers, as indicated below.

Table: Differences Between the Damper Actuators of the MP-V and RP-V Controllers




Torque rating

6 Nm (53
10 Nm (88.5

Component used for damper shaft mounting

Threaded collar

Threaded hub

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