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Products: RP-C-EXT-MS-BLE
Functionalities: Engineering, Hardware
Product version: 2022

SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-MS-BLE

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action_zoom_plus_stroke RP-C-EXT-MS-BLE – Multi-sensor

RP-C-EXT-MS-BLE – Multi-sensor


SpaceLogic™ RP-C-EXT-MS-BLE multi-sensor connects to the SpaceLogic RP room controllers and is used for infrared motion detection and luminosity measurements. The multi-sensor supports Bluetooth Low Energy based applications such as beaconing and remote control communication. ​

The multi-sensor is connected to the RP room controller using an RJ45 type quick connector.

The multi-sensor's three flexible mounting brackets (springs) enable quick and easy installation on a suspended ceiling tile. The multi-sensor also comes with a mounting ring, which allows the sensor to be installed on a ceiling with drywall anchors and a 76 mm (3 in.) clearance hole or to a 102 mm (4 in.) junction/gang box.

The multi-sensor is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device. The multi-sensor support for Bluetooth beacon enables nearby mobile devices with a specific app installed to interact when in close proximity to the broadcasting multi-sensor. The Bluetooth beacon can be used for services such as indoor positioning of the mobile device. The service and mobile app need to be provided by a third party. The Bluetooth connection can also be used for communication with the RP-C-RC-BLE remote control, which makes it possible to control the lighting, blinds, and air conditioning in a zone of an office building.

The multi-sensor is part of the RP controller expansion modules product range. The multi-sensor can be combined with the RP controller expansion modules for lighting and blind control to provide a connected room solution.


The multi-sensor has the following features:

  • Power and communications through the room bus

  • Motion detection through passive infrared sensor

  • Luminosity measurement through ambient light sensor

  • Bluetooth Low Energy for beaconing applications such as indoor positioning - a service to be provided by third party

    Beaconing follows standard iBeacon profile - compatible with multiple indoor positioning providers

  • Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless connection to RP-C-RC-BLE remote control

  • Status LED for the device

  • Rotary switch for address configuration

Room bus

The RP controller room bus allows RP controller expansion modules to be connected to the controller for people counting, motion detection, luminosity and sound pressure level measurements, Bluetooth Low Energy based applications, and control of electric lights and window blinds.

The RP-C Pro controller room bus supports up to nine connected RP controller expansion modules with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum of two DALI light modules

  • Maximum of two SMI blind modules

  • Maximum of seven Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor devices

The RP-C Advanced controller room bus supports up to six connected RP controller expansion modules with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum of two DALI light modules

  • Maximum of two SMI blind modules

  • Maximum of four Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor devices

The RP-V Advanced controller room bus supports up to four connected RP controller expansion modules with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum of one DALI light module

  • Maximum of one SMI blind module

  • Maximum of two Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor devices

Maximum total length of the room bus is 72 m (236 ft).

Table: Part Numbers


Part number



SpaceLogic Sensor Mounting Ring Kit 5 pcs



DC input supply voltage
24 VDC
Powered by the RP controller through the room bus (RJ45)
Maximum power consumption
0.3 W
Ambient temperature, operating
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Ambient temperature, storage
-20 to +70 °C (-4 to +158 °F)
20 to 90 % RH non-condensing
Plastic flame rating
UL94 V-0
Ingress protection rating
IP 20
Cover color
Signal white (RAL9003)
Overall external diameter
97.5 mm (3.84 in.)
Diameter of mounting clearance hole
75.0 to 76.0 mm (2.95 to 3.00 in.)
External washer thickness
12 mm (0.47 in.)
Overall external thickness
19 mm (0.75 in.)
Internal thickness
20 mm (0.79 in.)
Overall internal depth
28 mm (1.10 in.)
Weight, multi-sensor with mounting springs (3x)
0.083 kg (0.183 lb)
Weight, multi-sensor with mounting ring
0.094 kg (0.207 lb)
Plastic unit to be fitted flush in a suspended ceiling tile with a thickness of up to 45 mm (1.77 in.)
EcoStruxure BMS server communication
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 3.1.1 and later
Bluetooth Low Energy support
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 3.2.1 and later
Bluetooth beacon (iBeacon) support
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 3.3.1 and later
Agency compliances
RCM; BS/EN 61000-6-3; BS/EN 50491-5-2; FCC Part 15, Subparts B and C, Class B
BS/EN 61000-6-2; BS/EN 50491-5-3
EN 300 328 V2.1.1
Safety standards
BS/EN 60730-1; BS/EN 60730-2-11; BS/EN 50491-3; UL 916 C-UL US Listed
ISED certification number
IC: 24775-MS1
Fire performance in air-handling spaces a
UL 2043
Communication ports
Room bus
Dual RJ45 ports for daisy-chain configurations
Use a Cat 5 (or higher) cable
Maximum total length of the room bus: 72 m (236 ft)
Room bus protection
Transient voltage suppressors on communication and power signals
Wireless connectivity
Bluetooth Low Energy
Communication protocol
Bluetooth ® 5.1 Low Energy compliant
2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Maximum communication distance
Line-of-sight: 50 m (164 ft)
Maximum output power
3 dBm
Integrated antenna
Beacon protocol
CPU type
ARM Cortex-M4 single-core
38.4 MHz
SRAM (embedded)
256 KB
Flash memory (embedded)
1024 KB
Flash memory (serial)
2 MB
Status indicator
LED (green and red) that shows the status of the device
Address switch
Rotary switch 0 to 9
Set button
Push-button switch
Motion detection
Quad-type passive infrared (PIR) sensor with Fresnel lens
Detection range
See image and table below.

Sensor mounting height

Sensor detection range (diameter)

3.0 m (10 ft)

8.6 m (28 ft)

2.7 m (9 ft)

8.0 m (26 ft)

2.5 m (8 ft)

7.4 m (24 ft)

Luminosity measurements
Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
Spectral response
Human eye
Luminosity range
0 to 10,000 lux
Field of view
30 degrees from vertical
  • SpaceLogic RP-C Advanced
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-0-10V-4-PD
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-BL-2-LV-PD
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-BL-4-HV-PD
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-BL-SMI-2-LV-PD
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-BL-SMI-4-HV-PD
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-DALI
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-0-10V-4
  • SpaceLogic RP-C-EXT-REL-4
  • Commission
  • Engage