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Products: WorkStation, WebStation
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

Modify Values

arrow1_rotationForced Values arrow1_rotationAdd and Change Units and Prefix

You can change and force values using a graphic or the Properties pane. Using the Watch pane, you can dynamically monitor a value.

Forced Values

When you force a value, all input from the system is overridden. For example, a schedule is set to start a fan at 09:00 but you want it to start at 08:00. In this case, you can force the fan to start at 08:00.

For more information, see Forced Values .

Add and Change Units and Prefix

You can add or change units and prefixes on values using WebStation.

For more information, see Adding or Changing a Unit and Prefix for a Value in WebStation .

  • WorkStation Overview
  • WebStation Overview
  • Value Presentation
  • Forced Values
  • Watch Pane and Watch View
  • Watch Pane and Watch View Toolbar
  • Graphics Toolbar
  • Adding an Object to the Watch Pane or a Watch View
  • Removing an Object from the Watch Pane or a Watch View
  • Changing a Value in a Graphic