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How to

Products: Commission, IP-IO , MP-C, MP-V, RP-C, RP-V
Functionalities: Engineering
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Providing Customer Feedback in the Commission Mobile Application

You can select the Feedback option to rate your experiences and provide detailed information on the Commission mobile application.

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The eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application allows you to use a mobile device to perform commissioning, flow balance, and checkout operations on SmartX IP controllers. The eCommission application is available for Android and iOS (Apple) phones and tablets, as well as devices using Microsoft Windows 10. The eCommission app can connect to a single SmartX IP controller or to a network of SmartX IP controllers on the local network.

User Roles and Functions

The eCommission application provides a portable, simplified user interface to access SmartX IP controllers without the need to use a dedicated workstation or portable computer. The eCommission app is activated for one of three roles:

  • Technician: Commissions and maintains the configuration of a building system containing SmartX IP controllers

  • Electrician: Physically installs and wires the devices in a system containing SmartX IP controllers

  • Flow Balancer: Flow balances a VAV unit controlled by a SmartX MP-V controller

Each of these roles is assigned permissions appropriate to the user's unique functions and responsibilities. The main menu of the eCommission app, when activated for a Technician, lists five major functions and three additional functions. A ninth function, the Controller List Creator, can be accessed after logging in to the app, in the Select Connection view. The following tables summarize the association between the user roles and these major and additional functions.

Major functions

Table: User Roles and Associated Major Functions


User Roles

Major Functions


Device Settings

You can configure many of the device settings in SmartX IP controllers using the eCommission mobile application. You can also configure network communications settings shared by a selection of multiple SmartX IP controllers.

For more information, see SmartX IP Controller Device Settings .


Flow Balancer

Flow Balance

Used to air balance terminal boxes controlled by SmartX MP-V controllers. This function automates most of the air balance procedure but it also allows you to manipulate VAV tasks individually.

For more information, see Flow Balance Overview .



I/O Checkout

After you have wired the physical inputs and outputs of the controller, you can perform I/O checkout to verify that the wiring was done correctly and that the physical inputs and outputs are working properly. The I/O checkout status of each input and output can be found in the Inputs and Outputs view. In the Device List view, the checkout statuses of all the inputs and outputs in a SmartX IP Controller device are aggregated and displayed as the Checkout status of the controller.

As you are performing I/O checkout, two files are generated in the background, within the SmartX IP Controller device. An I/O checkout report details the results of the checkout, and a commissioning log file records the steps that were performed. At the completion of checkout these files can be viewed in WorkStation.

For more information, see Performing I/O Checkout .


Browse Objects

Once aSmartX IP controller is installed and checked out, you can use the Browse Objects function of the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application to view and edit the objects within a controller.

For more information, see Browsing and Modifying Object Properties .



Status Information

You can use the Status Information function of the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application to view status information associated with a SmartX IP controller. This information includes the BACnet ID of the controller's device object, the controller's model name and serial number, the version of firmware and software in the controller, and the host server name and ID.

For more information, see Viewing Status Information .



Flow Balancer

Controller List Creator

The Controller List Creator of the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application can be used when documenting the SmartX IP Controller devices on an EcoStruxure network. The Controller List Creator captures device information from the Data Matrix symbol on the tear-off product info label of a SmartX IP Controller device, largely automating this process. In turn, the captured information can be exported to a comma-separated file for use as system documentation.

For more information, see Using Controller List Creator .

Additional functions

Table: User Roles and Associated Additional Functions


User Roles

Additional Functions



Download Image : Download an application image to a SmartX IP controller

For more information, see Downloading an Application Image to SmartX IP Controller .



Diagnostic Files : View and export diagnostic files from within a SmartX IP controller

For more information, see Diagnostic Files .



Device Restart : Perform a warm or cold restart of a SmartX IP controller

For more information, see Device Restart .

Supported Platforms

The eCommission application supports the following platforms:

  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later

  • Apple iOS 11.2 and later

  • Microsoft Windows 10

Help Resources in the eCommission Application

The eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application contains video and text-based help resources designed to introduce the user to its principal functions and features, and as a quick reference for the workflow associated with the Technician, Electrician, or Flow Balancer role.

Video tutorials

A series of short video tutorials describe how you can use the various functions in the eCommission application to perform tasks on SmartX IP Controller devices. You can find a list of these tutorials by tapping the Help icon

within the application. Internet access is required when viewing these video tutorials.

Help articles

The eCommission application also includes context-sensitive help articles about its key features and functions. When you are performing a task with the eCommission application, you can tap the Help icon

in that view to open an article explaining the feature or function.

To provide customer feedback on the Commission mobile application
  1. On the main page of the Commission mobile application, click the More icon at the bottom of the page.

    The More menu displays with a number of submenu items included.

  2. Under the Get Support section, click Feedback .

    On that Feedback page, you are then asked if you would recommend EcoStruxure Building Commission to a friend or colleague.


    If you are using a Windows device, you will be prompted to leave feedback through Microsoft’s Feedback Hub. Steps 3 on in this procedure are applicable only to iOS and Android devices.

  3. Rate the app now by clicking one of the five stars on the page.

  4. Provide more specific feedback about your experiences using the mobile app when prompted.


    There is a 2,000 character limit on the feedback you provide.

  5. Click Submit and you may be prompted to do the following:

    Rate us on the Play Store / App Store.

    Recommend EcoStruxure Building Operation Commission to others by leaving us a review.

  6. Click Rate us and you immediately go the Google Play Store / Apple App Store where you can provide your feedback.

  7. Click Remind me later and you will be reminded again in three days to provide your feedback.

  8. Click No thanks and in six months, you will be prompted again to provide a rating in the App Store.

    After submitting feedback on the Commission mobile application, you receive a message thanking you for your feedback.

  • eCommission SmartX Controllers Mobile Application Overview