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Add License Dialog Box
Use the Add license dialog box to activate licenses from the License Activation Server with an entitlement ID.
​License Server Address
​During the installation of License Administrator on WorkStations or Enterprise Servers, you need to type the network address to the License Server where network licenses are available for check out. The address to the License Server can later be entered or edited through License Administrator or directly in the Windows registry ​of the computer or Enterprise Server that hosts the licensed product.
License Server Reset
If problems with the License Server or activated licenses occur, you may have to reset the License Server. All details about activated licenses on the License Server are compiled in files that start with "taclic" and have the .data extension. The file name string after "taclic" can differ. An example of the License Server file name is The license details files are created the first time a license is activated on the License Server. By deleting the files you reset the License Server.
Installation Wizard – License Server Configuration Page
Use the License Server Configuration page to configure the address to the license server.
Installation Wizard – Installation Type Page
Use the Installation Type page to define which type of installation to perform when corresponding product is already installed on your computer or server.
Resetting the License Server
You reset the License Server if it does not work correctly.
Upgrading Network Licenses
You upgrade your licenses when new versions are released, for example, to get access to new licensed features.
Network License Upgrade
When a new license version is released it is recommended that you upgrade your old versions. Customers that have signed up for the Building Operation Maintenance Subscription are automatically notified about the new upgrade and can directly activate the newest version. If your organization does not have the Building Operation Maintenance Subscription, contact your Building Operation vendor to place an upgrade order.
Depending on your needs, you can install all Building Operation products or a few products, such a single SmartStruxure server device with a connected WorkStation.

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